Various Music from 2008-2017
39 Tracks
  • I wrote this in tribute to a girl I met online, Ambre, who seemed like she needed help.  She said she was a juggalo and I witnessed to her via email.  I had to look up the word 'juggalo'.  She really appreciated our exchanges.   She had a tough life.  I feel she was doing anything[...]
  • Bloodfall is about the Passion of our Christ.  I wrote it after seeing the Passion of the Christ.  That movie hit me pretty hard.
  • This song is being totally broken before the Lord Jesus Christ.   This is a very raw first draft of this song only.  I never really got back around to working on it any more.
  • I wrote this for Dean and Connie Dickenson.  Dean was saved in our church after years of drugs and alcohol.  Living with his girlfriend, he now wanted to be married and asked me to sing at his wedding.  I wrote this for him and performed it.   He cried.  Dean, passed on 3 years later.
  • Crushed was written by Ken Halsted and the music and recording was done by Mike Velte.
  • Written by Kenneth Halsted, performed by Mike Velte
  • A song I wrote about Spiritual Warfare.    I remember my Dad giving me this verse concerning the song which I thought fit very well:  Ephesians 5:14 - "This is why it is said: 'Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.'  "
  • I kind of imagined myself being there with Christ as he walked the sea of Galilee when writing this song and how he was taking Peter, Andrew and others from a fisher of fish to a fisher of men.
  • I always wanted to redo this song better but this is a quick throw down I did one day.  I really think it has potential but it could be better.  I love the lyrics to it.
  • This was done quick but I really like how it turned out.  I was trying for an old Orbison style sound and the lyrics are more important now than ever.
  • This was recorded very basic in my living room one time and was never polished up.   I think that's my son, Chord, running around in the living room making comments.  Pretty funny now listening to it years later.
  • A fun song I wrote one time comparing the excitement of Church vs the excitement of modern day sporting events.
  • Song about the voice of one crying in the wilderness....John the Baptist.
  • Song celebrating Miriam's song and dance after crossing the Red Sea.
  • I had literally just got through working on my house and was driving down the road when the thought and this song came to me.   Sometimes lightning strikes in real life situations and you go with it.
  • I wrote this and a good friend of mine, Mike Velte, took it and created this song all by himself from the lyrics and music I had already created and kind of rocked it up.  I like it.
  • I wrote this song based on the scripture that says wide is the road to destruction and many are destroyed but narrow is the way to life and few find it.  Something like that.  The picture in my head was of a lone fish swimming up stream in a culture that allows life to just[...]
  • I wrote this song based on the upper room FIRE from the Holy Spirit falling on those who scripture said were in 'one mind and one accord'.  I always thought if we were of one mind and truly one in the Lord as Jesus prayed in John 17...whoah!!!!
  • Written by Kenneth Halsted, Music by Mike Velte.  I wrote this one day in 2 minutes on a piece of paper as it came to me and then I handed it to Mike on inspiration and a few weeks later he gave me this song on cd.  Mind blown.  He's crazy talented.
  • A good friend of mine, big prayer warrior in the faith, Rebecca Thomas told me Psalms 22 would make a good song and I took the note she wrote that on and decided to try and do it.  This was the result.
  • I wrote this song based on an idea from an old song of Carman's that always meant a lot to me.  I took the idea of that song and wrote my own.  His is nothing like mine but it's cool I have 2 songs on that topic now to keep in my head.
  • I wrote this one day based on something the Pastor said at church.  I came home and wrote this song.  I wanted it to be something you could dance to because at the time Jean Pettus was leading praise through dance during worship at church. 
  • The thought, 'You are the rock of my salvation', simply couldn't escape me one day and I had to write a song based on that idea.   Never really polished it up but this is one draft.
  • This is the other draft.  Neither draft was ever to the point I thought it was a great song.  Aspects of it I like but it needs refining.
  • One of the first songs I ever wrote.  Rough draft.  I'm not near this chipper any more, lol, but I really was when I wrote this and I think it's cool that this song reminds me of how I used to feel every day waking up.
  • I wrote this one day because were going through a building project where we were selling our church and buying land and building another one.  This thought came to me.
  • I wrote this song from the single thought in Luke 19:40  'If they don't praise me then the rocks will cry out'.   That's powerful.
  • I wrote this from Jesus' question to his disciples: Who do YOU say I am.   I think the same question applies to everyone of us.
  • I wrote this based on the scripture from Psalm 139:9,10 - If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle by the farthest sea, even there Your hand will guide me; Your right hand will hold me fast.
  • Rough draft only.  I never did anything else with this.
  • I wrote this song because of an older gentleman in Marshall Community Church that had written a song called 'Never a man spake like this man'.  It was really good and this was simply my take on this song.  I don't even remember how his song went but hopefully it's not anything like mine lol.
  • Yeah this one really stinks, but it's the first one I ever wrote,so it stays.  2008.  I wrote it based on James chapter 3 of course.
  • I wrote this in 2009 based on Matthew 6 which is a powerful section of scripture.   I need to totally revamp this and make it better but it's not good as it stands now.  Still, the lyrics are good!

This is a lot of music in various states of completion from over the years.   I’m including it for friends and family.  Obviously, most of it would need to be recorded better for a ‘real release’.