Music Update – December 2023

I had been using the sonaar plugin for the past 3 years but those guys have just gotten too greedy with their prices. I decided to ditch it all for a free option and I’m glad I did. I don’t have as much functionality now but not having to pay $150 for another year of sonaar is awesome!

I updated my Music site and am trying to put my best stuff out there although some of it may be more in the category of ‘more meaningful’.

I have re-recorded ‘Who Among You Now‘ and titled it as such with ‘2023 remix’ added to the end.

I have also for the first time published a song I wrote a few years ago but never recorded called ‘Give It To The Lord‘. I play the bass on this one, having newly bought a bass and spending a few hours trying to learn the bass. I probably should not have played bass since I’m such a newbie at it but it came out ‘ok’. Overall, I like the song and the lyrics are self-explanatory and come from an honest place I was in at the time of writing it. I hope it’s a blessing to you.

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