McPherson Carbon Fiber Guitar

Well, I finally went to the Acoustic Shoppe in Springfield Missouri and bought a McPherson Carbon Fiber guitar. I did this mainly because I’ve been wanting a Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood guitar for many years now and never could afford one. The carbon’s are cheaper and I finally read enough reviews to know I had to try one at the $3000 lower price. The wood ones are $10k or more. I should have bought the one I saw there 3 years ago that was Brazilian for about $7k I think it was.

I had my son, Chord, play it while I recorded it on my iphone. I’ll try to get a better audio version up soon.

Redesign is coming soon!

I’m currently redesigning and will be switching to a wordpress site that will support mobile devices. I’ll be putting my music back up at some point and probably have a site dedicated to Learning more about Scripture / Life with Jesus Christ / Family Photos / etc.

God bless